Medium: photographyLocations: InternationalYears: 2007 — Current This ongoing series explores the streets of major cities throughout the world in the early hours of the morning. The photographs — partially a result of insomnia-driven wanderings, partially of an obsession with pure structure of urban settings — offer … Continue readingNightlight


My practice focuses on the land in relationship to people and people to the land; in that spirit, this collection of images from around the world forms part of an ongoing survey of the ‘farmscape,’ or human-cultivated landscapes, much of it the result of research … Continue readingFarmscapes

Trees Growing in Sublime Nature

Medium: photographyYears: 2008 — currentLocation: international We typically separate what is “urban” from what is “nature”. The eerily mesmerizing photographs in the Trees Growing in Sublime Nature series instead suggests subtle moments of  interconnection. These still frames, photographed in cities around the world over the course … Continue readingTrees Growing in Sublime Nature


Medium: light painting, soundYear: 2010 – currentLocation: international Green is an image and sound study of plant life in urban spaces around the world. Part photography, part performance, part soundscape, the works are printed on a handmade Japanese ‘washi’ paper, and exhibited along with soundscapes based on the … Continue readingGreen


Green is a painterly image and sound experiment and a ‘feeling’ study of plant life in urban spaces around the world. The pieces are printed on a special Japanese ‘washi’ paper which is handmade from plant fibers, and include digitally linked soundscapes.


Medium: two channel video Locations: Edinburgh, UK; Yamaguchi, Japan; Nagoya, Japan Year: 2012 A video-based work exploring the concept of ‘harvest’ within rural-agrarian and urban-consumer society. Harvest  depicts a local consumer procuring harvest from a local supermarket (right), and a farmer hand-harvesting the same rice in the country … Continue readingHarvest

Pretty Little Masks Project

Medium: photography, performanceYear: 2010-2012Location: Silicon Valley, United States Pretty Little Masks is a direct result of my portrait photography commissions between 2007-2009, during which time I ran a commercial photography studio in Silicon Valley. The studio photographer has a unique moral problem today in that the level of … Continue readingPretty Little Masks Project