The ‘Centre’ for Endless Growth

Focus: ecology and culture
Medium: interactive installation
Location: Edinburgh, UK
Year: 2014

Patrick and Suhee in the 'Centre for Endless Growth' installation in TENT Gallery, Edinburgh

Patrick and Suhee in the ‘Centre for Endless Growth’ installation in TENT Gallery, Edinburgh

A temporary ‘Research Centre’ established within Edinburgh’t TENT Gallery; the name Endless Growth, while partially a commentary on our contemporary inflated idea of growth in economy and production, is also a call to examine an endless cycle of life and death. This cycle is one which leads to a different kind of growth, a growth that the forest displays so well in its lush, vibrant understory.

Endless Growth is an active workspace for catalyzing new ways of thinking about growth. Whether private, public, or academic, it offers us a model for how our current methodologies in research and development could benefit from the presence of ‘real’ growth.

It raises the possibility that perhaps simply, habitually, putting ourselves in these sorts of places offers an idea of growth which can re-frame how a society thinks and acts.

Visitor Ideas

All visitors were encouraged to leave their ideas. Responses were open, and could be anything from their general feelings, ideas, or inspirations while in the room, to reflections on their interaction with the forest installation.

Below is a sampling of ideas and inspirations from visitors:

Show Dates

April 7 – 11, 2014
TENT Gallery

78 West Port, EH1 2LE
Edinburgh, UK


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