The Centre for Endless Growth

Patrick and Suhee in the 'Centre for Endless Growth' installation in TENT Gallery, Edinburgh

Medium: leaves, soil, plants, a broken tree branch, office furniture
Location: TENT Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
Year: 2014

When the very first World Forum on Natural Capital took place in Edinburgh, the organizations who hosted it made clear their mission to put a price tag on nature. The Centre for Endless Growth was a direct response to this forum, and took the form of an “alternative” research center inside The University of Edinburgh’s TENT Gallery.

A tree and forest floor were installed in the middle of the space, and for one week, University faculty and the public were invited to use The Centre for Endless Growth as an open workspace for catalyzing more sane ways of thinking about how economic growth and nature’s growth can co-exist. The installation poses the question of how we might consider growth within the means of nature, rather than in spite of it as we so often tend to do. It also suggests that perhaps simply, habitually, putting ourselves in contact with nature can re-frame how a society thinks and acts in relation to it. The space was well-used during the week, and gathered many comments and insights from visitors.

Visitor Ideas

All visitors were encouraged to leave their ideas. Responses were open, and could be anything from their general feelings, ideas, or inspirations while in the room, to reflections on their interaction with the forest installation. Below is a sampling of ideas and inspirations from visitors:

Exhibition Dates

April 7 – 11, 2014
TENT Gallery

78 West Port, EH1 2LE
Edinburgh, UK

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