Free Food Kit

Focus: food, ecology
Medium: interactive installation
Locations: Yamaguchi, Japan; Edinburgh, UK
Year: 2013 – current

Free Food Kit at N3 Art Lab in Yamaguchi, Japan.

Free Food Kit at N3 Art Lab in Yamaguchi, Japan.

An interactive installation created for the Eco Art Village Project with Suhee Kang. Free Food Kit considers the re-connection of people with their source — and cost — of food.

The Free Food Kit is a simple call, for visitors to put seed into handmade envelopes made from biodegradable plant fibers, then take them into the community to be planted. Yet it also asks us to reconsider the role of the simple seed, a source of life for humans, and also perhaps, a source of freedom depending on how you choose to view it.

Show Dates

November 26 – 19, 2013 | Final Straw: Food, Art, Ecology
TENT Gallery
78 West Port, Ground Floor
Edinburgh, UK

July 6 – September 29, 2013 | Eco Art Village Project
N3 Art Lab
Yamaguchi Eki Dori 1-7-7
Yamaguchi, Japan
(5 minute walk from Yamaguchi JR Station)


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