Medium: photography (light painting), performance
Location: International
Year: 2010 – current

Untitled from Green series

Untitled from Green series

Green is a painterly image and sound experiment and a ‘feeling’ study of plant life in urban spaces around the world. Part photography, part performance, the frames and sounds in the current series are from Fukoka, Dazaifu, Miyajima, and Tokyo (Japan), Berlin and Frankfurt (Germany), Saratoga and San Francisco (United States).

The pieces are printed on a special Japanese ‘washi’ paper which is handmade from plant fibers. The installation includes soundscapes which are digitally linked to each ‘washi’ lightscape.

This work was first exhibited (three individual lightscapes/soundscapes) at the Yamaguchi Institute of Contemporary Art during the summer of 2013.


Summer 2013
Yamaguchi Institute of Contemporary Art
Eutopia, Ideal Garden Group Show
4-13 Kimachi
Yamaguchi-shi, Japan


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