Focus: food sources, consumerism
Medium: 2-channel video installation
Locations: Edinburgh, UK; Yamaguchi, Japan; Nagoya, Japan
Year: 2012 – current

Harvest video installation at Edinburgh College of Art, Evolution House

Harvest video installation at Edinburgh College of Art, Evolution House

A video-based work exploring the concept of ‘harvest’ within rural-agrarian and urban-consumer society, Harvest employs two-channel video, projected side-by-side into urban environments.

The videos show a local consumer procuring harvest from a local supermarket (right), and a farmer hand-harvesting the same product in the country of origin (left).

Show Dates

June 10 -29 2014 | Eco Art Village Project
Nagoya University Gallery [CLAS]
Institute for Liberal Arts & Sciences
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya

July 6 – September 29, 2013 | Eco Art Village Project
N3 Art Lab
Yamaguchi Eki Dori 1-7-7


November 26 – 19, 2013 | Final Straw: Food, Art, Ecology
Edinburgh College of Art

78 West Port, Ground Floor

Installation in Edinburgh, UK

A consumer searches through rice at a local store in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, eventually choosing a South Korean grain. Beside her is a natural farmer, harvesting rice by hand in Hongcheon, South Korea.

A two-channel video installation using reverse projection (projecting on frosted exterior windows from the inside) with videos showing at street level on Lady Lawson Street in Edinburgh. The installation is accompanied by two film stills, printed and mounted inside Tent Gallery. The video used in this installation was taken in South Korea and Scotland.

The video can also be viewed on YouTube.

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