Nature Mandala

Closeup of the 'Osakako Mandala' installation at Contemporary Art Space Osaka, Japan

Medium: leaves, weeds, stones
Year: 2015 – Current
Location: various

Patrick’s first large-scale nature mandala was created during the Robert Callender International Residency for Young Artists, where he spent four weeks, and used 7,000 leaves to make the “Osakako Mandala.” Each leaf was picked by the artist, one-by-one from the urban port-side neighborhood where the gallery is located, and then again arranged and placed one-by-one inside the gallery space to form a large-scale mandala. After completion, the mandala was swept up, and ceremoniously released back into nature.

Spanning multiple traditions, races, and geographic regions, the mandala is a centuries-old activity, most often used for helping human beings realize the beauty in our relationship with nature. The particular “Nature Mandala” artworks that Patrick creates follow in the spirit of these traditions, yet are often made explicitly in urban settings and done collaboratively with the public in an ‘open build’ process.



Exhibition Dates

2018 / December 9
Sakai, Japan
“With Nature: Building a Nature Mandala” workshop
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2018 / 27-28 October
Eco Art Festival ‘온나’ / Busan, Korea
“Nature Mandala” workshop

2016 / July
Robert Callender Residency for Young Artists / Kinghorn, Scotland
“Tool, Mind, Earth” group exhibition

2015 / November 24
Seoul Innovation Park / Seoul, South Korea
“Nature Mandala” workshop

2015 / July 22 — September 3
Contemporary Art Space Osaka (CASO) 
/ Osaka, Japan
“Osakako Nature Mandala / 大阪港マンダラ”


This project was initially developed with support from the Sasakawa Foundation, Lateral Lab, the Robert Callender International Residency for Young Artists, and Contemporary Art Space Osaka; it continues to be hosted in various spaces internationally, from government innovation centers to large retailers. Thanks to friends Qenji Yoshida, Gwai , 松岡龍一 (Ryuich Matsuoka), and イガわ 淑恵 (Yoshie Igawa) for their assistance.

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