Osakako Mandala / 大阪港マンダラ (Nature Mandala)

Medium: leaves, weeds, and a piece of concrete
Location: Contemporary Art Space Osaka (CASO), Japan
Year: 2015

'Osakako Mandala' installation at Contemporary Art Space Osaka, Japan

‘Osakako Mandala’ installation at Contemporary Art Space Osaka, Japan

Sprouting from the center – in which sits a piece of crumbling cement from just outside the gallery – there are approximately 7,000 leaves in this nature mandala. Each leaf was picked one-by-one from the ground beneath two trees in “Osakako,” the port-side industrial neighborhood where the gallery is located. After being collected and arranged, the leaves were again placed one-by-one into the gallery to form a large-scale mandala.

The temporary installation was created over the course of four weeks during an ‘open to the public’ build process where visitors could engage with me and, if they wished, in the process of making the mandala itself.

After completion, the mandala was displayed for two weeks, and then released back to nature (in the sea) with the help of fellow artists Qenji Yoshida, Gwai , 松岡龍一 (Ryuich Matsuoka), and イガわ 淑恵 (Yoshie Igawa).

This installation was created as part of the Robert Callender International Residency for Young Artists, and was supported in part by funding from the Sasakawa Foundation and Contemporary Art Space Osaka.

Exhibition Dates

22 July – 21 August | open build process
21 August – 3 September
| exhibition
Contemporary Art Space Osaka (CASO)
| Art Shower 2015 展覧会
〒552-0022 大阪市港区海岸通二丁目7-23
Osaka, Japan
TEL 06-6576-3633

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