About Patrick M. Lydon

Patrick Lydon in South Korea | Photo by Suhee Kang

Photo by Suhee Kang

My practice ignites unconventional dialogues at the intersection of culture and ecology.

With this aim, each work that I undertake brings viewers and participants opportunities to permeate the natural world in different ways. Trans-disciplinary in nature, projects often combine traditional aesthetics, ecological immersion, and public activities together.

Each project is informed by ongoing social and ecological field studies in cultures and spaces around this earth. This often results in projects involving diverse casts of people from farmers to urban planners to educators.

In the end, such a practice is ultimately about cultivating new relationships — both with other humans and with nature — and seeing what these relationships can contribute to our view.

Exhibitions and Publications

I have shown work and/or produced collaborative projects in North America, Europe, and Asia, including at: Glasgow Center for Contemporary Art, Pier Arts Centre, Setouchi International Triennale, Kagawa Yamanami Art Festival, David Brower Center, Contemporary Art Space Osaka, BankART 1929N3 Art LabYamaguchi Institute of Contemporary Art, Institute of Liberal Arts at Nagoya University, TENT Gallery, Fettes Gallery, Falkland Centre for Stewardship, MinnaNouen, Seoul Youth Hub, Value Garden, Gigha Gallery, Oni Gallery, Aichi University of Art, SpaceNoahArc Gallery, WORKS GalleryArtObject Gallery, and Koji.

A good bit of my practice involves writing and curating content for a collective of social explorers, writers, and artists, called SocieCity. I serve as the ‘Arts and Events Editor’ for Nature of Cities, and am a contributing writer to Arts Everywhere, Sustainable Cities Collective, Resilience. To read some of this, you can explore words section of this website.

My partner Suhee Kang and I were approached to publish a book of our images and quotes in Korean. The book 자연농(Final Straw) is now available at bookstores across South Korea.

You can also find reviews, interviews, images, and written work in Huffington Post (Korea), SF Weekly, Shikoku Shinbun, DesignBoom, BranD Magazine, Bar and Dining Magazine, San Jose Mercury News, CNN, E-Sharp Journal, ROAD Magazine, ESSEN Magazine, Clean Eating Magazine, OKH TV, Afterimage Journal of Media ArtsNorthernLights, Creative Review UK, JPG Magazine, CordPress (세 개의 선), The Art Chronicle, 10. Magazine, Reed Magazine and Lightleak Photography Journal.

My work is in the permanent collection of the David Brower Center, one of the world’s foremost centers of ecological policy and action, and of Cafe Ism and Cafe Oui in Seoul, South Korea, two of my favorite places to get coffee and cake. Pay them a visit if you’re in town and say hello for me?


I hold an MFA with distinction from the University of Edinburgh’s Art, Space & Nature program (2014), was a visiting student at Aichi University of the Arts in Japan (Summer 2013), and graduated with a BA from San Jose State University (2007), after studying relatively equal amounts of music, photography, and design.

I also hold the view that taking the time to learn from the people, places, and nature within our surroundings is one of the most important educations anyone could find. It is also a lifelong, tuition-free education.


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  2. Youngwook Cho

    How are you? are you enjoying visiting Jeju island.?
    I am Youngwook who took part in the meditation program, next you in the meditation hall. My name might not be familiar to you.
    Anyway, I visited your homepage and read some articles and writings. I can catch what are you working on and what you’ve done. You did a lot of things~~ That’s amazing~~ people, culture and nature~ I can’t express my thought fully in english but you can get it or not. 🙂
    Thanks for letting me know your homepage~
    All the best wishes!!
    See you~~