Patrick is founder of City as Nature and arts editor for the Nature of Cities. He has been a contributing writer for YES! Magazine, Kyoto JournalArts EverywhereResilience, and the San Jose Mercury News among others. He has co-authored two books. Below you’ll find a listing of these these writings.



Co-Authored with partner Suhee Kang, the following books are available at booksellers throughout South Korea:

불안과 경쟁 없는 이곳에서 (Here, a World Without Anxiety or Competition)
2017 / 320 pages / full color / Yeolmaehana Publishers, Seoul

(In Korean) An account of Patrick and Suhee’s six years of travel through Japan, Korea, UK, and the USA to visit regenerative ‘natural’ farmers and urban dwellers working to build social and ecological wellness in their communities. The book is printed in full color and features the duo’s beautiful photographic imagery along with the interviews and personal reflections on their journey.

Reviewed in 
Korea Herald
Daejeon Ilbo
The Farmer’s News

자연농(Final Straw)
(In Korean) A photo essay book about natural farmers
2015 / 92 pages / full color / Mesh Publishers