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A City Designed by Trees

We bring visitors to the year 2032, in an exhibition that weaves together science, art, and cultural traditions to imagine a city designed by trees.

2 August — 16 October 2022

Highlighted Projects

City as Weeds

We normally think of weeds as enemies. In this exhibition, Kang and Lydon’s “City as Nature” studio suggests that weeds are healers of the land, of people, and of cities. In three multi-sensory sections,…

A City is Part of the Universe

Many of us recognize the need for more ecological lifestyles, but if we live in a city with little or no ‘ecology’ around us, where on earth do we start? This short film brings…

Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness

Four years in the making, the documentary film Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness, has been screened in over 200 cities around the world, at film festivals, by global NPOs, community groups, and in academic…

Forest is the Artist

In October 2017, Ten blank canvases were placed in Gomsil Forest, a remote forest in the mountains of South Korea. The forest was respectfully asked to spend a year making artworks on the canvases.…

Typhoon Queens

The Typhoon Queens are an ecological artist collective formed in 2019 during a typhoon in Osaka, Japan, with members from Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. Our work is part exhibition, part…

Wonderland #3: Trees Thriving in Glorious Nature

We typically separate what is “urban” from what is “nature”. The photographs in Wonderland #3: Trees Thriving in Glorious Nature suggests subtle moments of  interconnection. Photographed in cities around the world over the course…

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