A Right Honorable Chat

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Adelaide, Australia | photo: Douglas Barber

Titles of public officials in other countries seem funny to me, “Right Honorable Lord Mayor” for instance. But maybe adding ‘right honorable’ to a title makes politicians behave a little better: if it’s in your title, you must uphold it!

Anyway, I have a chat scheduled next week with Stephen Yarwood, the Right Honorable the Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Australia whom I met with a few weeks ago in Changwon. A right nice fellow, and sharp too.

Adelaide is master planned city of 1836 vintage, yet has grown considerably outward over the past century. On our plate for the discussion is everything from city planning, to transportation, to the effect of artists on the character and strength of a community.

Look for it soon on sociecity, along with a local to-be-announced artist from Adelaide.

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