The American (Fooled and Drugged) Economy

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Why are there more obese, diabetic, just plain sick Americans than ever before? What causes us to be sick, and why do we pay so much compared to other nations to get healthy again?

Well, we’re not only paying more to get healthy, we’re also paying more to get sick. Confused? Follow along with the illustration below, dubbed the American Fooled and Drugged Economy and see if things start to make sense.

The American Food and Drug (fooled and drugged) Economy (Illustration: Patrick Lydon | sociecity)

In short, the American people make money at unnecessarily stressful jobs to help pay for fast food, cigarettes, alcohol, and various pollution-generating devices, all of which in turn causes disease and health issues for the people. So the people then pay for cures, which come from the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry who make the drugs, weight-loss schemes, diabetes medication, cancer treatments and various forms of therapy.

It’s no small wonder that the U.S. is by far the world’s leading economy, no other country takes advantage of its people so efficiently…