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Packing for Korea/Japan Trip

Packing for Korea/Japan Trip

The past few days have been a whirlwind of activity, mostly centered around planning out this trip to Korea and Japan for the Final Straw project, but other highlights were:

  • Lunch meeting with San Jose Director of Transportation, Hans Larsen (article coming to sociecity shortly, I’ll probably write it on the plane tomorrow)
  • A lively San Jose Arts Commission meeting thanks to the kids from Orchard School
  • A performance with LunAzul and the Cosmonauts where I blew and spat into a metal tube with keys (flute), and threw my hands upon some stretched skins (congas)

And for tonight, the Public Art Committee is reviewing some amazing looking projects, and afterward, the last meetup of ACP until I return in June.

For now, however, packing. Well, first, sorting and picking the smallest amount of gear possible, then packing it.

Tomorrow, I’ll head to the heart of the Natural Farming movement,  Korea for three weeks or so, then Japan for a few more. I’ll try to keep things up to date on this very blog, as well as sociecity.

Now back to packing…


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