Help Protect Us From Ourselves – Report Cell Phone Users

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There are these great signs on the freeway during those special moments (St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve) when there seem to be an abundance of drunken assholes driving cars. The signs say clearly “Report Drunk Drivers: Call 911,” which of course, is in and of itself an illegal act in California.

So then, which is more dangerous: A drunk person in a car, or a hysterical cell-phone user driving next to a drunk person and trying to take down their license plates? If one were driving behind these two, it might appear there were in fact, two drunk drivers following each other.

The only logical government solution of course, is to have a new sign that encourages people to report cell phone users who are reporting drunk drivers.

Help Protect us From Ourselves: Dial 911 to Report Cell Phone Users (photo illustration: Patrick Lydon, 2012)

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