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San Jose Walking Art Map Redesign

Project Focus: navigating art, culture, and the urban neighborhood
Patrick’s Role: designer
Genres of Involvement: information design
Download : San Jose Downtown Arts and Culture Walking Map (PDF)

San Jose Walking Art Map Redesign
San Jose Walking Art Map Redesign

About the Redesign

The Status Quo: Using a general multi-purpose map crammed with everything, including parking, transit, district names, and public art destinations.
The Problem: The original all-purpose map fails when used as an “art and culture walking map,” since museums and cultural destinations are lost in the clutter, and on top of that, the smaller public art installations aren’t even able to fit on the map!

The Redesign: The map needed to show more of the art-related information that downtown walking visitors need, and less of what they don’t. In addition, the style needed to be simplified so it would read easier.
The Solution: Removing all unnecessary information (ex: walking visitors don’t need a large blue block showing where every single underground parking lot is), adding a second set of dots to display art which was previously not on the map, adding color-coded destination names, and drawing out the districts with color-differentiated blocks.

Mouse-Over to See a Closeup of the Redesign


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