Post-Holiday Cheer

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A little late, but this photo just turned up while importing an old card. Hopefully it brings the same feeling of post-Christmas cheer to you as it did me.

I had just finished taking in the Maurizio Cattelan exhibition at the Guggenheim in NYC, when I was told they were having a free holiday concert featuring a chorus, strings, winds, and your favorite Christmastime tunes. Given that the imagery of the Cattelan exhibition — much of which gallops effortlessly across the border of what is considered blasphemy — was hanging conveniently above the audience and musicians, I stuck around for the show.

Few moments are as special as listening to religious hymns while the Pope lies on his side with an asteroid atop him.

Christmas Concert at the Guggenheim with the work of Maurizio Cattelan (photo: Patrick Lydon, 2011)

Even more special, however, was in noticing the almost awkward feeling of togetherness in this giant, spiraling atrium of a building. Surely it can’t be that the people in the audience had no idea that there were tits, an injured Pope, and several people dangling from nooses above their heads; the audience seemed to accept Cattelan’s unique and outspoken imagery as being strangely juxtaposed in harmony against the modern, cross-cultural, religious tradition taking place below. A beautiful moment.

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