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HUMAN:NATURE Landscapes, Megijima, Japan (P.M. Lydon)

Focus: ecology, community
Megijima, Japan
Year: 2013

Beachfront -- Hideo Matsuuchi (Photo, P.M. Lydon, CC BY-SA)

As part of my larger [HUMAN:NATURE] project, produced for the Setouchi International Triennale, I lived on a small island in Japan’s Seto Inland Sea for two months, in an effort to learn about the people’s history, and more specifically, their connection with the natural environment.

The local population of around 100 individuals — mostly long-since retired — are an interesting group to learn from and they shared some touching stories of the island’s glorious past and what has been a tumultuous path to the present-day slow murmur. All of these stories were, in some way, connected to special physical locations on the island.

The collection of images below, one for each person interviewed, gives us glimpses of the most storied natural locations on the island called Megijima. The full project also includes an interactive documentary, and a comparative island-study film installation.

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