Beeza, and other Korean Word Blends

Beezza: Beer and Pizza in Korea

Beezza: Beer and Pizza in Korea

For a bit of fun… a new word for me this week in Korea was “Beezza,” a word that blends two American favorites which are both well loved here; Beezza is short for beer and pizza.

Beezza. As in: yo man, I’m hungry and parched, wanna head out for some beezza?

Although the word beezza isn’t commonplace in Korea — it’s actually the name of a restaurant — it is extremely common in general to combine multiple words into one here. This is especially true when it comes to consumables which pair well together.

A few favorites seen/consumed lately:

ChiMek — chicken and beer
Chi = chicken | Mek = mekju (korean word for beer)

Cowafin — coffee, waffle, and muffin
The name of a popular chain store serving just what the name suggests

SoMek — alcohol and beer cocktail, enjoyed widely by old men, occasionally by me as I am slowly becoming an old man
So = soju (korean grain alcohol/vodka) | Mek = mekju (beer)

Rabokki — ramen and tteokbokki dish
Ra = ramen noodles | bokki = tteokbokki, usually a cheap street food of glutenous rice cake in spicy red sauce. Delicious.

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