art.culture.philosophy Project

Project Focus: discuss and make sense of connections between art, culture, and philosophy
Patrick’s Role: founder and moderator
Genres of Involvement: art, philosophy, written word, performance

About the Project

The art.culture.philosophy project currently exists on two levels, the first are a series of physical, bi-monthly meetings in Silicon Valley, the second are the written reflections from participants in the meetings.

Each meeting features a reading, the topic of which is picked in rotation by one of the group members. All topics center around — or are tangents of — the theme of art and culture and the many ways in which this manifests itself in our lives and affects our decisions, actions, and philosophy on life.

After the meetings, participants post their reflections, the content of which is filtered into an ever-evolving, three-dimensional word cloud on the project website. This word cloud — which is essentially the only form of navigation on the site — emphasizes often-repeated keywords as proportionally bolder, larger elements, creating a  form of navigation which is organic, non-static, and a reflection of current thoughts and trends from the group.

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