The American (Fooled and Drugged) Economy

Why are there more obese, diabetic, just plain sick Americans than ever before? What causes us to be sick, and why do we pay so much compared to other nations to get healthy again? Well, we’re not only paying more to get healthy, we’re also paying more to get sick. Confused? Follow along with the illustration […] … Continue readingThe American (Fooled and Drugged) Economy

The Dark Future for America’s Brightest City

Like Many U.S. cities, the San Jose, California is in damage control mode, struggling with crippling budget shortfalls and making cuts in multiple areas. At an economic development meeting this week, it was said that although the police force lost over 60 officers to layoffs recently, the city still has over $3 million on their […] … Continue readingThe Dark Future for America’s Brightest City

Does America Need a “National Diet?”

In Japan they have a big, ugly, imposing government building — as most of these buildings tend to be — called the National Diet Building. This building is not home to some special “Diet Ministry,” it houses the Japanese legislature, but seeing it in a recent Tweet by @MarketUrbanism reminded me of the several months I […] … Continue readingDoes America Need a “National Diet?”

Changwon: Why the Bicycle isn’t About “Saving the Planet”

This Saturday in Changwon, Bernhard Ensink, Secretary General of the European Cyclists’ Federation claimed that the attitude of young German adults is changing, that they are less inclined to feel the need or even ‘want’ for a personal automobile, and more inclined to want the latest iPhone. According to Ensink, a staggering 80% of young […] … Continue readingChangwon: Why the Bicycle isn’t About “Saving the Planet”

South Korean Four Rivers Project gets “Organic Education”

Despite a heavy downpour of rain, and with their fate still resting on a court ruling November 9th, it was mostly smiles and celebration in South Korea’s Dumulmeori farmland this weekend as hundreds came to watch 25 bands play on 3 stages. The Dumulmeori Music Festival is part of a bid to create awareness for a new […] … Continue readingSouth Korean Four Rivers Project gets “Organic Education”

The Window

We sit in a car in traffic, worry, stress, become annoyed with those around us who are also locked in their metal and glass boxes, also worried, stressed, and annoyed. But when we see past all of our immediate situational problems (the car in front of us driving slow, the man crossing the crosswalk, the […] … Continue readingThe Window