Dominant Color

Dominant Color / 2014 / Acrylic on Canvas / P. M. Lydon

Several days spent in the far north of Scotland gave birth to — among other things — a question of color. The wind-swept landscapes of Orkney tend to get characterized as ‘dull grey’ by visitors. On this visit, I took to examining this accusation.

The work comprises three canvas paintings. Each painting consists of a solid, hand-mixed color, representing the mathematically-calculated dominant color value of three landscapes in modern-day Orkney:

1) an oil terminal
2) a wind farm
3) a prehistoric settlement

Images taken while in Orkney were processed and fed through an algorithm that calculates the dominant color value through analyzing every pixel of the image data. The resulting three colors were hand-mixed, and then committed to canvas. The work was exhibited at Pier Arts Centre in Orkney.


February 2014
Pier Arts Centre, Orkney, Scotland
ELEMENT, group exhibition