My practice focuses on the land in relationship to people and people to the land; in that spirit, this collection of images from around the world forms part of an ongoing survey of the ‘farmscape,’ or human-cultivated landscapes, much of it the result of research and filming for the Final Straw documentary.

Medium: photography
Location: Europe, East Asia, North America
Years: 2012 – current

Kristyn Leach on her natural farm | San Francisco, USA
Kristyn Leach on her natural farm | San Francisco, USA

You might notice that the majority of these lands look more like wild gardens than farms, and indeed they are far different from the places where most of the food we consume is grown. Many of these images are ‘natural’ farms where farmers forgo chemicals and fertilizers and instead work to cultivate an intensely personal connection to the land.

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Images from this series have been exhibited in:

  • Forest is the ArtistPlaceMAK Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
  • Food, Art, NatureTENT Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Human+City+NatureSpace Noah, Seoul, South Korea
  • Tool, Mind, Earth, Robert Callender International Residency, Kinghorn, Scotland
  • Real Time Food, Oni Gallery, Megijima, Japan
  • [Human:Nature], Megi House, Setouchi Triennale, Megijima, Japan


Images from this series have been published in:

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