FRIEK (Forum for Radical Imagination on Environmental Knowledge)

A platform designed, built, and curated together with Carmen Bouyer, and Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro for the Nature of Cities Summit, a global conference of nearly 400 ecologists, urban planners, academics, scientists, and civic leaders from 52 countries, working to create cities that are better for both people and nature.

We brought 15 artists, dancers, poets, and other creative practitioners to Sorbonne University in Paris, launching The Forum for Radical Imagination on Environmental Knowledge (FRIEK) as a widely interdisciplinary arts and creative engagement platform to re-think how an academic conference can operate in more transdiciplinary and trans-species ways.

FRIEK included exhibits, spaces, talks, workshops, and happenings that challenged the framework of established knowledge within an academic conference. Attentive to the urban landscape, and partnering with human and non-human companions, FRIEK helped us imagine new ways to weave our own work and ideas into a broader transdisciplinary fabric.

Impact of FRIEK

The FRIEK had a lasting impact on The Nature of Cities. So much so that it continues today as FRIEC (Forum For Radical Imagination on Environmental Cultures), and has been taken on officially by The Nature of Cities, as the ‘arts arm’ of their nonprofit organization. Patrick continues to work as the arts editor, along with Carmen Bouyer and The Nature of Cities to produce radical imaginative programming through FRIEC.

Exhibition Dates

June 4 — 7, 2019
The Nature of Cities Global Summit
Sorbonne University, Jussieu, Paris, France


FRIEK was produced with support from The Nature of Cities and ArtsEverywhere / Musagetes Foundation.