Japan's tallest building (Landmark Tower) is seen through the light fog of portside Bashamichi neighborhood | Yokohama, Japan

Medium: photography
Locations: International
Years: 2007 — Current

This ongoing series explores the streets of major cities throughout the world in the early hours of the morning. The photographs — partially a result of insomnia-driven wanderings, partially of an obsession with pure structure of urban settings — offer views of cities while the streets are completely devoid of human life.

Each final print is the result of stitched multiple frame process, all using a standard 50mm lens. With files well in excess of 150-megapixels, the photographs offer detail beyond that of a large-format (4×5) film camera.


March 5-26, 2011
ARC Studios and Gallery
‘FOTO: Pushing Boundaries’ group show
national juried exhibition
San Francisco, USA

Image Samples