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ArtsHelp / 13 April 2022
Slow and Conscious Living: An Interview with ‘The Branch’”
…the tears we saw from audiences I guess were tears not of woe, but of joy, at realizing someone else felt the same way, and was actually living their life as an expression of that feeling.

Art Weekly / Chosun Ilbo (Korea’s largest newspaper) / 15 Feb 2019
A Picture Drawn by a Forest … Rain Water, Dirt, and Bird Shit
Today we are facing an ecological crisis. It is a time when the balance between nature and humanity is desperately needed … we must listen to the sound of nature. ” says Patrick M. Lydon, an artist who has been engaged in learning ways to live with the earth.

Art Map Korea / 5 Feb 2019
Recommended Exhibition: Forest is the Artist
If we regard the life of all life on earth as a creative activity, nature will not be fixed and confronted as the environment surrounding us, but will show us how to live harmoniously as a being, listening through mutually interdependent relations.

CNB Weekly Culture and Business Journal / 29 Jan 2019
Patrick and Suhee Kang Want us to Know: The Forest is an Artist
Cultivation of human beings has been made possible by cultivating natural plants and animals. As the culture of things grows, we seem to forget that we have borrowed them from nature…

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