Nature of Cities | Building an Ecology of One

Around the world, individuals are building social, economic, and ecological well being into their communities, they are becoming partners again with the earth in all that they do. Each of us, too, has the power to make a socially and ecologically just economic system a reality for ourselves and those around us. … Continue readingNature of Cities | Building an Ecology of One

Resilience | Fixing Soil Loss Requires a Mindset Change

The UN claims we have less than 60 years of farming left if we continue our modern chemical-industrial based farming processes… thankfully, around the world, small scale farmers have been putting into practice the kinds of regenerative farming that can both reverse ecological destruction, and feed the world. … Continue readingResilience | Fixing Soil Loss Requires a Mindset Change

Human:Nature, Summer Residency in Japan

The issue of how the small island of Megijima will continue is a tough one to confront. At the same time, it’s a story which on the surface is not unique in Japan, and one which presents us with a great opportunity to use investigative research, technology, and art, to bring awareness, inspiration, and hopefully some smiles. … Continue readingHuman:Nature, Summer Residency in Japan