Nature of Cities: Artists in Conversation with Air

Co-chair of a panel discussion at The Nature of Cities along with Carmen Bouyer. We invite seven artists from around the Earth to present their conversations with air in cities. Through their different creative practices, they invite us to encounter the air as the breath that flows through all of us, and unites us in a “common ground.” We hope you enjoy reading and participating in the conversations… … Continue readingNature of Cities: Artists in Conversation with Air

Nature of Cities | Building an Ecology of One

Around the world, individuals are building social, economic, and ecological well being into their communities, they are becoming partners again with the earth in all that they do. Each of us, too, has the power to make a socially and ecologically just economic system a reality for ourselves and those around us. … Continue readingNature of Cities | Building an Ecology of One

Final Straw | The Earth Flag

A flag, while at once a symbol of pride, oneness, and triumph, can also become a tool of artificial supremacy, of separation from our kin, and of unnecessary strife and conflict within this Earth. We often like to call this the “reality” of our times, but this begs us to ask whether or not we are defining reality in a realistic way. … Continue readingFinal Straw | The Earth Flag

Image and Word: What is Notable?

What acts are notable.

Who is a notable person.

If we watch as the sun slowly moves through our sky, we can see the shadows it creates. Inching along the ground, across the sea, the mountain cliffs, across our cities, walls, gardens, and across the deserts as each grain of sand casts a shadow on the next grain … Continue readingImage and Word: What is Notable?