Dominant Color

Several days spent in the far north of Scotland gave birth to — among other things — a question of color. The wind-swept landscapes of Orkney tend to get characterized as ‘dull grey’ by visitors. On this visit, I took to examining this accusation. The … Continue readingDominant Color


Selected artworks and projects from 2007 — current, organized by category: installation, film & video, projects & events, photography, and other strands of work.

Gomsil Forest & the “Gurye Contemporary Art Museum” (GCAM)

Earlier this year I produced an art exhibition for Gomsil Forest—a real live Korean forest that Suhee and I have been friends with for some time. In preparation for the exhibition, Gomsil Forest spent an entire year creating works on canvas; these works were subsequently … Continue readingGomsil Forest & the “Gurye Contemporary Art Museum” (GCAM)