Project Transport Me

Project Focus: juxtapositions of world transportation systems
Patrick’s Role: creator
Genres of Involvement: photography, audio, statistical data

About the Project

Using transportation as a common thread for cross-culture communication, Project Transport Me documents the world’s largest metro systems using images, words, and audio.  The resulting physical and virtual installations use this database of geo-tagged media to explore our urban cultures by way of the daily life in these “mobile neighborhoods.”

Preliminary installation with images from Tokyo, Japan - photographs: Patrick Lydon

Globally, the subway provides a window on the daily actions in major cities across the world, providing us with a space to examine the micro actions within. In the train car, we form an instant ‘neighborhood,’ a very eclectic, always changing group of people who for 10, 20, 30 minutes, are sharing the same space.

Project Transport Me Diptych: Tokyo, New York City - Photographs by Patrick Lydon

There is a great deal we can learn from the data gathered in this project, not simply about transportation, but about our human nature and the vastness of world cultures, interconnected through a single mode of transportation.

Transport Me Audio Installation (Edinburgh, UK)

A total of 741 recordings from metro stations across the world come together in a 6-channel soundscape installation. This preliminary installation juxtaposes sounds from stations in three of the largest metro rail systems in the world, Tokyo (Japan), New York City (USA), Seoul (South Korea), against two of the smallest: Houston (USA), and Glasgow (Scotland).

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