Wonderland #3: Trees Thriving in Glorious Nature

We typically separate what is “urban” from what is “nature”. The photographs in Wonderland #3: Trees Thriving in Glorious Nature suggests subtle moments of  interconnection. Photographed in cities around the world over the course of more than a decade, these frames depict moments where trees and buildings seem to take on the presence of actors, questioning the imagined lines of separation that we erect between our cities and the rest of the natural world.

Medium: photography
Years: 2008 — current
Location: international


A selection of images from Wonderland #3: Trees Thriving in Glorious Nature:


Selected images from this series have been exhibited in:

  • Forest is the Artist, PlaceMAK Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
  • Food, Art, Nature, TENT Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Human+City+Nature, Space Noah, Seoul, South Korea
  • Benefit Exhibition, WORKS Gallery, San Jose, United States
  • Portraits of Japan (Tōhoku Benefit), Koji, San Jose, United States
  • FOTO: Pushing Boundaries, Arc Studios & Gallery, San Francisco, United States


Selected images and writings related to this series have been published in:

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