What is Food (Cabbage Eating a Hamburger)

Medium: cheesburger, cabbage, soil
Year: 2012
Location: TENT Gallery | Edinburgh, UK

This living sculpture was installed in TENT Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland for a week. The sculpture pairs the most energy-efficient food to produce (the cabbage) with one of the least energy efficient foods (a cheeseburger). The result is a ‘living’ sculptural situation, where the cabbage slowly “eats” the decomposing cheeseburger.

The installation was created with the help of Vero Alanis. An adjoining article was published at SocieCity, comparing the energy required to produce various common foods.

Links: Mighty Cheeseburger Meets Lowly Cabbage | sociecity.org

Exhibition Dates

May 22 — September 4, 2014
David Brower Center |
Reimagining Progress Group Show
2150 Allston Way
Berkeley, CA 94704d


November 13  16, 2012
TENT Gallery
 | Active Intent’ Group Show
78 West Port, Ground Floor
Edinburgh, UK


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