Wisdom From the Field

This exhibition series features poetic verse and philosophical concepts collected over the course of five years of field research and study on natural farming, conducted in Japan, Korea, Scotland, and the United States. Although regarded positively by environmental experts, the practice of natural farming is still consistently – though predictably – marginalized by profit-oriented entities and the mainstream press.

Accordingly, each passage in this exhibition is written on paper which the artist hand-produced, by recycling the financial and business sections of various international newspapers.

Medium: ink, recycled paper made from ‘business’ and ‘financial’ sections of international newspapers
Year: 2011-2017
Location: Japan, Korea, Scotland, United States

The exhibition places the philosophy of the natural farmers in relation to – and often at odds with – contemporary social and ecological mindsets. The artist’s feature film “Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness” (see: www.finalstraw.org) is also shown in-situ for the duration of the exhibition.

There is also a book “Final Straw: Wisdom from the Field” published in 2015 by Geumulko Publishers in Korea, which is related to this exhibition series.

Exhibition Dates

2018 May 12 – July 8
Edinburgh City Arts Centre / Edinburgh, Scotland
“Robert Callender: Plastic Beach” exhibition with RCIRYA alumni

2016 November 1-14
Fettes College Gallery / Edinburgh, Scotland
“Tool, Mind, Earth” exhibition with Nishiko

2016 December – 2017 January
Scottish Poetry Library / Edinburgh, Scotland
“Tool, Mind, Earth” exhibition with Nihiko

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This project was developed during the Robert Callender International Residency for Young Artists, with support from Lateral Lab.

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